Company Profile

Since 1992, YH is one of the largest manufacturer of cases and stands in China. Our customers return to our company because of our high quality and assurance that they purchase a valuable product at a reasonable cost as well we are one of very few that understand your local market needs .YH is a very fast growing business and our returning customer order is proof that both our prices and quality are well placed for export.

YH Manufacturing plant is over 7,000 square meters with various production lines comprising of over 140 personnel to complete our products.

Our mission and goals are precise and true,

  • Quality Control: YH has quality control personnel at every key node in its production lines and packaging areas.
  • Export Quality: YH sells its product in North American, European and Austral-Asian markets and we address each of those market buyers with their particular and individual quality needs.
  • Employee Safety & Social Reforms: YH raises factory working conditions for its employees and assures its export buyers that all safety concerns and our workers conditions are above and beyond normal standards.

YH can vary its products according to your local export markets precise needs. YH has a vast range of standard products but similarly welcomes your own designs of products for YOUR market. Rest assured, our quality has been tested and proven in many countries.

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